Campaign continues to grow, entering the new stage of its further development – to be heard not only on the regional and international arena, but also on the country level, in cities and towns, promoted by NGOs, community groups and activists for the sake of the rights of all and everyone affected by HIV. For the country community leaders joining the regional campaign brings additional regional attention to the national advocacy challenges and could lead to more effective advocacy and eventual decrease in stigma, discrimination and criminalization on the way to effective HIV response among key affected populations in EECA region.

National and city campaigns are aimed at strengthening partnerships between national key populations organizations and activists to draw attention of key stakeholders, decision makers and general population to the impact of stigma, discrimination and criminalization on effective response measures to HIV/AIDS epidemic and access to HIV continuum of case without any barriers.

Supported by small grants or initiating actions themselves, national NGOs, community groups and activists define their national priorities in addressing stigma, discrimination and criminalization of key populations and build up their own campaigns to be part of a bigger regional movement.

The national campaigns are conducted within the Eurasian Regional Consortium project “Thinking outside the box: overcoming challenges in community advocacy for sustainable and high-quality HIV services”, funded by the Robert Carr Fund for civil society networks.

2020 campaigns

2019 campaigns

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