Campaign organizer: NGO “Estonian Network of People Living with HIV”

Project implementation period: 05/01/2020 – 12/01/2020

The goal of the project: to draw public attention to the problems of the community of people living with HIV in Estonia.

Brief description:

Estonia is a small European country with a rich history. Despite the fact that Estonia is a member of the European Union, there are lots of problems in the country in the vulnerable communities. At the moment, more than 10 thousand people with HIV-positive status are registered in the country. Not all of them receive ARVT, which helps to reduce the epidemic in the country, as well as prolong and improve the quality of life. One of the reasons is stigma and discrimination.

On May 16-17, 2020 Estonian Network of People Living with HIV within the campaign “Chase the Virus, not People!” held events dedicated to the memory of people who died from AIDS. The events took place in three Estonian cities: Tallinn, Narva and Jõhvi. The participants paid tribute to the memory of the deceased and called on society to be tolerant and attentive to their neighbors.

To increase public awareness of the real HIV-related situation, to destroy myths and stereotypes surrounding HIV, and to support acceptance and create a supportive environment for PLHIV, the Estonian Network of PLHIV produced a film featuring the famous Estonian actress Tatyana Kosmynina: “I am positive. HIV Positive 2020. ”, which reflects the life of people living with HIV in Estonia. Celebrity tolerance and attention to HIV and AIDS can be an example and influence social norms and behavior. Celebrities have a significant impact not only by raising awareness of issues related to stigma and discrimination in the context of HIV, but also shaping public attitudes towards people living with HIV.

The film contains the personal stories of people living with HIV, told in a conversation with the actress – problems, joys, worries and concerns. And it’s also an appeal to those who are either indifferent, or know nothing or little about the problem, or are hostile. The film calls for tolerance, for treating any person as an equal, having the same rights and opportunities.

The film was shown several times on Estonian television as part of the events dedicated to World AIDS Day on 1 December 2020, and caused a wide resonance in society. The video has 1400 views on the organization’s YouTube channel.

Campaign video:






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