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Chase the virus, not people at the March on July 23 in Amsterdam! Join the EECA column!

On July 23 in Amsterdam the traditional March “Towards Zero Together on the eve of AIDS2018 will take place. March is dedicated to combating stigma and criminalization. The campaign of the EECA region echoes the theme of the March and can become its bright and integral part.

Support your region! Support the campaign and join the March in the EECA column!

Gathering of participants from the EECA region in Amstelveld square at 12:00 under the banners #chasethevirus. The coordinators of the EECA column will distribute T-shirts, bright attributes and chants to the participants.

Register to the event on FB, let’s find out how many people will join EECA column and how many T-shirts we need to bring for you. Dont’ forget to send your size in campaign’s messenger 😉

Our chants:

Chase the virus, not people!
Change policies, not people!
Stop criminalization, start cooperation!
Join our fights! Demand your human rights!

The March will walk from the Amstelveld square to the AIDS2018 venue, RAI exhibition complex, where activists will take the floor, including Anya Sarang. Support Anya and our campaign!


The time for the March: 13:00 – 16:00, July 26.
All details about the campaign: http://chasevirus.org/

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